Mentioned on The Nine Club by Andy Howell

As a teenager in Toronto working behind the counter at Hogtown Skateboards, I was heavily influenced by the art of Andy Howell. Fast-forward to 2019 and I am coloring Andy’s linework, doing layout and production for the enjoi X New Deal collabo. Then, being called an “awesome dude” by Andy on The Nine Club is a truly incredible and surreal experience. I am very happy with how the skateboard series turned out, and I will post the final product once they hit the shops. Thank you Andy. (The section about the enjoi collaboration starts at 3.25.25).

Andy Howell, Paul Schmitt and Steve Douglas. The creators of New Deal Skateboards (and many other things).

That’s me with Steve Douglas, (Chris Bywater), Andy Howell, and Paul Schmitt! Photos by Ernie Diaz.