About me


Skateboarding took over my life in the summer of 1985. Marty McFly went Back to the Future and I was hooked. From working at a shop in Toronto, Canada in my teens (Hogtown Skates), to being the Art Director of many, many issues of skateboard magazines (SBC and Skateboarder), to currently being the Creative Director of enjoi skateboards. I have been immersed in skateboarding and skate culture for the majority of my life. Still living the teenage dream (with the small exception of my knees). 

When not designing skateboards and skateboard related material, I enjoy motorcycles, motorcycle restoration, photography, guitar, and my dogs.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio.


PLEASE NOTE: This new and improved web experience just went live April 22nd 2018. Still lots of content to be added. My old BLOGSPOT portfolio can be found HERE and goes back over a decade.