Enjoi, Stripes 2

Here is the second “STRIPES” project. After learning that the Skaters strongly disliked actually skateboarding on real stripes (see below), we decided to go with adding the stripes in post for this incarnation. I did all editing and After Effects.

I also exported many of the skaters as GIFs for Instagram Stickers.


Here is an outtake of Enzo Cautela (and behind the scenes "making of" video) from the Stripes ramp session.

See the shot that ran in Thrasher Magazine HERE.

Watch the commercial HERE.

Enzo Cautela, frontside kickflip. April 19th 2018. El Segundo, California.

Enjoi, Slick Chicks 80s Retro Decks

This project took the longest of any skateboard graphics series I have ever created. From conception/pitch to production it took about 3 years. Completely by chance the boards hit stores exactly 30 years after the original poster was produced. The poster was shot by Kal Yee in 1988. I first saw this poster in shops on Yonge Street in Toronto when I was in my early teens. This was pre-internet and clearly it had a lasting effect on me ;). 27 years later I tracked down the photographer, 2 of the original models and had licensing agreements drafted (this is the part that took the longest). We were unable to track down the brunette so she was replaced by the enjoi panda. I shot the poster I acquired from eBay and photoshopped it into this three slick-deck series. I am really happy with how this series turned out and even have a standing burger invitation from the woman on the bottom if ever I'm in Aspen. Thank you to Heather, Michelle and especially Kal for being so patient during this process.


Social media marketing assets (above). Very limited quantities of t-shirts and stickers also exist.